Zous Zous

Role: Brand Development, User Research and UX/UI Design

Project Objective

Zous Zous is a social fitness platform that allows users to create fitness challenges amongst other users worldwide for cash rewards.

My Contribution

Product Founder and Designer. Conducted research and creating the brands visual identity as well as the user experience. This application is still a work in progress.


To start off the process, I began to research the psychology behind physical activity. I wanted to understand why some people love working out and others loathe it. Was there a way to bridge the gap between the two through a social platform? This is what I wanted to find out. Through my research, I also wanted to:

  • Create a fun way to work out that incentivized users by getting paid through physical activity
  • Create a way to track physical activity within the application
  • Identify competitors within the market and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a google search to find current social fitness platforms within the market and the users activity is tracked. I discovered the following applications:

  • Dietbet.com – Allows users to create fitness challenges and win money. Activity is manually inputted into application. Cash payouts are added to site account then can be deposited using PayPal.
  • Stridekick – Allows users to create fitness challenges. Activity is tracked through smart phones and watches.

User Interviews

During my discovery to learn about the real experiences people have about working out. I focused on asking open-ended questions about their experiences to learn as much as possible about the applications potential users and to broaden my understanding.

Project Goals

After the research, I resolved to create an application that allowed users to:

  • Create a user profile
  • Create challenges
  • Invite users to challenge
  • Track user activity

Brand Development

The branding of this product is still a work in progress.

Flow Charts


 I created a diagram of how the structure of the application.