Role: Brand Development and UX/UI Design

Project Objective

The goal of this project was to design an AI driven mental health application that simulates interaction with the user to detect mental health disorders. The platform also provides self help tools in the areas of mindfulness, food tracking and sleep disorders.  

My Contribution

I was the sole Brand Developer and UX/UI designer on the project and worked very closely with the Founders of the application. I also led the team of Front-end developers.

Brand Development


I kicked off the project by creating the branding. Several logo options were created for the brand and after many iterations, #4 was chosen as the final design.

Visual Identity

I created visual design options that would convey throughout the application.


After establishing the visual identity, I began the discovery process where I facilitated interviews with Mental Heath Therapists to get a better understanding of the intake assessment process. In addition, I interviewed several people who have attended therapy.  From there I had a better understanding of the process and created a diagram of how the application should function.

Flow Charts

Information architecture and user flows were also created to get a better understanding of how the content would be laid out as well as seeing how a user would complete a task. DIAGRAMS WILL BE ADDED SOON.


To add a visual aid, wireframes were created to show the user experience throughout the application.