Role: Brand Development, User Research and UX/UI Design

Project Objective

Kosmos was a start-up B2B SaaS application that enables organizations to analyze and manage all of their content from one tool gaining insight into all unstructured and structured content across multiple repositories.

My Contribution

I was the sole Lead UX/UI Designer on this project. I was responsible for creating the application from concept to creation as well as develop the Brand identity. I lead daily stand ups with Front End Developers as well as worked closely with them during development.

Concept Diagram

To kick off the discovery process I facilitated a meeting with the stakeholders to gain insight on the methodology of the application . From there I created a concept model diagram.


Through user research, I created personas of each user type who will utilize the application.

Information Architecture

From there, I facilitated meetings to gauge how the user will use the application. From there I created an IA diagram. 

User Flows

From the use cases, I mapped out how the user would complete each tasks. 

High-Fidelity Wireframes

I also created high-fidelity wireframes.


I created a prototype of the application as well using Axure. Demo available to view upon request.

Brand Development


I also worked on the brand identity for Kosmos creating several logo options for the brand.

Color Template

I created several style options for the color template of the interface.